Trader Sam's Travel Travel Tips Ways to Save Money on Your Vacation

Ways to Save Money on Your VacationWays to Save Money on Your Vacation


Be Flexible

If it is possible, keep your date ranges open. This is tough with work, school and holidays, but simply moving a trip by a few weeks could save hundreds of dollars.

Travel in the Off-season

Summer and Winter Breaks as well as around holidays are when most people travel. This is because with the point above it is when school is out, companies provide time off for all employees, etc. However with higher demand the cost will be higher. If you have your heart set on a specific destination do some research and find out when tourist season is, then book anytime but then. Your cost will be lower when all the other tourists are no longer interested in the destination.

There is also something called the “shoulder-season” which is between the busy time and off-season. This may be a happy medium for your trip, as you will still experience the ideal weather while taking advantage of lower price and fewer tourists.

Use a Travel Agent

Really this should be the first suggestion and we have covered in deeper details how Travel Agents save you money, Should I use a Travel Agent?, and Why Use Trader Sam’s Travel, but they are a free or cheap expert available at your disposal. Trader Sam’s Travel saved a family 30% on their Alaskan Cruise. While this is not a typical result, if they had booked direct they may have missed on on these savings.

Gift Cards/Cash

This may seem so simple, but it works. Instead of friends and family buying you gifts of knick knacks you may or may not use instead ask them to purchase you gift cards or contribute cash towards your vacation.

Sacrifice your Seat

It is no secret that airlines now overbook flights and you can use this to your advantage to save some money or in a best-case scenario pay for your next vacation. If you have additional time to spare you may get a nice offer to be bumped voluntarily. One family was paid $11,000 to not fly with Delta,

What to do with the Extra Savings

Splurge, get a massage, reserve a fancy dinner. You don’t have to spend more each day, but spending a little more on a dinner or activity will make for a lasting memory without felling expensive.

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